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Welcome to COMPASS: Your Next-Generation Customer and Agent Experience Platform

At CC-Expertise and through our COMPASS solution, we believe that understanding and managing customer and agent interactions shouldn’t just be about data collection; it should be about making every conversation count.

Powered by the latest advancements in Generative AI, COMPASS transforms ordinary interactions into insightful, strategic engagements that drive customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


What COMPASS offers:

Multi-Language AI-Infused Auto-Conversation Analysis:

Dive deep into every conversation with our AI-driven analysis tools. COMPASS offers more than just summaries and sentiment analysis, enhancing your customer interaction management with:

  • Service Enhancement Recommendations: Receive actionable insights and efficiency tips tailored to your service operations.
  • Advanced Self-Service Improvements: Enhance your customer self-service options using AI-driven suggestions.
  • Auto-Categorization: Ensure seamless, standardized reporting with automated categorization of conversation topics.
  • Detailed Sentiment and Satisfaction Scoring: Get comprehensive evaluations of customer sentiment and satisfaction, each backed with clear justifications.
  • Agent Empathy and Proficiency Identification: Assess and enhance your agents' empathy and proficiency levels with precision.
  • Proactive Escalation Management: Manage escalations effectively and trigger callbacks automatically via Genesys Cloud API integrations.
  • Privacy and Churn Insights: Safeguard personal identifiable information (PII), gauge potential customer churn, and offer translations on demand across more than 50 languages.
  • Feedback on AI Analysis: Feedback mechanisms integrated within COMPASS allow you to enrich AI analysis recommendations through human feedback.

GenAI-Powered Extended Auto-Conversation Evaluation:

Elevate your quality assurance with customizable auto-evaluations that adapt to your needs:

  • Customizable Forms and AI-Crafted Questions: Tailor evaluation forms and generate AI-designed questions for your specific topics.
  • Weighted Scoring: Apply nuanced scoring guidance to emphasize critical aspects of service delivery.
  • Automated Evaluations with Justifications: Automate the scoring of interactions, providing detailed justifications for transparency.
  • On-Demand Evaluations: Apply multiple evaluation forms to any conversation.
  • On-Demand Translation: Break language barriers in evaluations with instant translation capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Agent and Evaluator Support: Facilitate evaluator reviews, calibration sessions, and manage agent disputes with a full audit trail for comments and rescoring.
  • Evaluation Reports: access evaluation scores and visualize reports.

Sophisticated AI Insights:

Unlock unparalleled insights with AI-generated reports that make data actionable:

  • Metrics by Queue, Topic, and User: Analyze AI metrics segmented by different dimensions of your operations.
  • Correlative Insights: Understand the relationships between AI metrics and key performance indicators like speech analytics and call quality.
  • Topical Analysis and CRM Integration: Discover the top 10 topics discussed in interactions and integrate these insights seamlessly with your CRM for an enriched customer journey analysis.

Unlock the Full Potential of Every Interaction with COMPASS

Discover how COMPASS can transform your customer and agent interactions today.

Join us on a journey to redefine customer service excellence through the power of artificial intelligence.

Explore COMPASS: Advanced Features for Transformative Customer and Agent Engagement

COMPASS is not just a tool; it's your partner in revolutionizing customer and agent interactions through advanced AI-powered solutions. Each feature is designed to enhance understanding, improve service, and drive efficiency across your contact center operations.

1. Conversation Auto-Evaluations

Transform your quality assurance processes with our robust auto-evaluation features:

  • Customizable Auto QA Policy: Tailor your quality assessments to fit your unique operational needs and standards.
  • Auto QA Scores with Justifications: Gain detailed insights into each score with comprehensive justifications, enhancing transparency and understanding.
  • Evaluation Result Reports: Access detailed reports that summarize evaluation outcomes, helping you track performance over time.
  • Evaluation Translations on Demand: Overcome language barriers by translating evaluations as needed, ensuring clarity across your global teams.
  • Evaluator Review & Feedback: Engage evaluators in a feedback loop that enhances accuracy and fairness in assessments.
  • Agent Disputes & Feedback: Foster a culture of fairness and continuous improvement by incorporating agent feedback into evaluation processes.

2. Conversation Auto-Analysis

Dive deeper into your customer interactions with sophisticated analysis tools:

  • Generate Conversation Summaries and Structured Recommendations: Automatically summarize interactions and receive actionable advice to enhance future engagements.
  • Advanced Sentiment and Satisfaction Scoring: Attribute scores to customer sentiment and satisfaction with detailed justifications, identifying trends and areas for improvement.
  • Agent Empathy and Proficiency Trends: Monitor and evaluate agent performance with empathy and proficiency scoring, supported by justifications.
  • Comprehensive Topic Analysis & Categorization: Understand and categorize conversation topics for better insight and reporting.
  • PII Identification: Ensure compliance and accessibility with sensitive data identification capabilities.
  • Multi-language Support : On-demand translation of conversation analysis supporting true global reach.

3. User Call to Action

Empower your team to act decisively with real-time insights and automated triggers:

  • Callback Identification and Integration: Automatically identify situations that require follow-up and seamlessly integrate these actions with Genesys Cloud APIs, ensuring timely responses that enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Escalation Identification and Management: Detect and manage critical issues proactively. COMPASS helps prioritize and escalate urgent matters to the right personnel, improving resolution times and customer outcomes.
  • Feedback on AI Analysis: Utilize AI-generated insights to refine strategies and operations continuously. Feedback mechanisms integrated within COMPASS allow your team to understand and adjust to AI recommendations effectively.
  • User Notifications: Keep your team alerted and informed with automated notifications about key events and status updates, ensuring that everyone is aligned and responsive to customer needs.

4. Insights

Gain unparalleled insights into your contact center operations with our advanced analytics features:

  • Speech Analytics and Contact History: Analyze speech patterns and review contact history for a complete understanding of customer interactions.
  • AI-Driven Reports: Utilize out-of-the-box reports that provide correlation insights across various metrics, helping you make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

5. Security and Privacy

Trust in COMPASS’s commitment to security and privacy:

  • Dedicated Generative AI LLM Model on AWS: Benefit from top-tier security measures with data encryption at rest and in transit.
  • Role-Based Access: Control feature access according to user roles, integrated seamlessly with Genesys Cloud permissions.

6. Billing Model

Experience flexibility with our token-based billing model:

  • Scope Control: Only analyze and evaluate conversations that meet specified criteria, with options to include and exclude queues and conversations based on duration.
  • Usage Control: run conversation analysis and evaluations in automatic or on-demand mode.
  • Cost Control: Set your maximum token budget to avoid surprises. Set notification thresholds before reaching your budget limit.
  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy the benefits of full integration into Genesys Cloud at a competitive rate, maximizing your return on investment.

Why COMPASS? Elevating Customer and Agent Experiences with Precision and Insight

In today’s rapidly evolving service landscape, COMPASS stands out as a transformative solution, designed not just to meet but exceed your operational expectations. At the core of COMPASS is a commitment to action, excellence, and tangible returns on investment. Here’s why COMPASS is the strategic choice for organizations aiming to elevate their customer service experience to unprecedented levels.


Built for Action, Committed to Your Success

COMPASS isn’t just another tool—it’s a dynamic, action-oriented platform. Powered by advanced Generative AI, COMPASS delivers personalized experiences that are precisely tailored to each interaction. Whether it’s through real-time conversation analysis or proactive service enhancements, COMPASS ensures every interaction counts.


Intelligent, Automated, Impactful

Leverage the power of Generative AI to not only gain insights but also act on them. COMPASS provides prescriptive, automated intelligence that guides you where to focus your efforts for maximum impact. From identifying key moments for escalation to suggesting real-time callbacks, COMPASS transforms insights into actions.


Scalability, Security, and Compliance

Designed to scale as your needs grow, COMPASS offers unmatched scalability, robust security, and strict compliance. With features like role-based access and seamless integration with Genesys Cloud, COMPASS ensures that scalability does not come at the expense of security. Each deployment is equipped with dedicated AI resources, ensuring that your data is handled securely, with stringent controls over data retention and usage.


Seamless Integration and Customizable Access

COMPASS integrates flawlessly with Genesys Cloud, supporting Single Sign-On (SSO) and leveraging the existing permission model to ensure that agents and managers access only what they need, according to their roles. This not only enhances security but also optimizes operational efficiency across your team.


Focus on Privacy and Secure AI Utilization

Security and privacy are at the forefront of the COMPASS architecture. Hosted on dedicated AI resources, COMPASS guarantees that there is no data sharing between clients. Every piece of data and every analysis remains confidential and secure, providing you peace of mind along with powerful insights.


Flexible and Fair Licensing Model

Forget rigid, user-based billing models. COMPASS introduces a flexible, token-based licensing system that puts you in control of your costs. Set limits on your AI usage with customizable token budgets and manage costs effectively by specifying which conversations to analyze, which queues to include or exclude, and who has access to high-cost features like on-demand translation and additional evaluation forms.

Elevate your customer and agent experiences with COMPASS , where excellence is not an aspiration but a guaranteed deliverable!

Where every interaction is an opportunity to excel, every insight is a guide to action, and every investment brings measurable value to your operations. 

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