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Configuration Comparison Tool - Simplify Environment Synchronization and Ensure Compliance

The Genesys Cloud Configuration Comparison Tool is a business user-friendly solution designed to keep Genesys Cloud CX environments in sync and ensure compliance with a reference setup. With built-in Genesys Cloud expertise, this tool offers a seamless and efficient experience for business users.

Key features of the tool include:

  • Contextual comparison: Easily identify discrepancies between environments with a few clicks, covering all object types, whether subject to Division access or not.
  • Support for different environments: Compare configurations across multiple Genesys Cloud instances.
  • Flexible comparison models: Choose between multiple source objects to multiple destination objects with matching names, or one source object to one or multiple destination objects without matching names.
  • Filtering capabilities: Streamline analysis by filtering based on object type, name, or specific parameters.
  • Comprehensive comparison: Identify missing objects/options, additional objects/parameters, different values, and equal parameter values.
  • Export to MS Excel: Generate configuration comparison reports for easy sharing and collaboration.

The Genesys Cloud Configuration Comparison Tool simplifies synchronization and compliance efforts, enabling businesses to maintain consistency and efficiency across their Genesys Cloud environments.

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