Empower Your Data Protection Journey: Slidy GDPR Elevate Compliance with Ease and Efficiency!

Slidy GDPR - Unlock GDPR Compliance Excellence

Slidy GDPR is  a comprehensive web application meticulously crafted for Genesys Cloud CX contact centers to streamline GDPR compliance. Seamlessly embedded as a widget within the Genesys Cloud UI, Slidy GDPR offers a suite of powerful features to facilitate efficient management of GDPR requests. With Slidy GDPR, you can effortlessly navigate and oversee GDPR processes, ensuring compliance while safeguarding customer data. Let's delve into the key features that make Slidy GDPR an indispensable tool for your contact center:

  • Simplified Request Management: Slidy GDPR allows you to search, sort, and filter submitted GDPR requests with ease. Whether it's requests of a specific type or ones generated by your own users, you can effortlessly track and monitor the status of each request, empowering you to effectively manage your compliance workflow.
  • Robust Search Capabilities: Slidy GDPR provides robust search functionality, enabling you to locate specific GDPR requests based on various criteria. Whether it's searching by name, phone number, email address, or address, you can swiftly retrieve the relevant information you need to process and respond to each request efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Status Display: Gain full visibility into the status of all GDPR requests with Slidy GDPR. The application displays key details, including the request creator and creation date, giving you a comprehensive overview of each request's progression. This transparency ensures accountability and enables you to prioritize and address requests promptly.
  • Validation for Delete and Update Requests: Slidy GDPR emphasizes the importance of data accuracy and integrity by subjecting delete and update requests to thorough validation. This validation process ensures that only legitimate and authorized requests are processed, safeguarding against unauthorized modifications or removal of data.
  • Consistency in Update Requests: With Slidy GDPR, you can establish optional patterns for different field types in update requests. This feature promotes consistency in the information submitted, ensuring that the data is accurately and uniformly updated across the system. By maintaining data integrity, you can confidently meet GDPR requirements while providing a seamless user experience.

Slidy GDPR is your trusted companion in achieving GDPR compliance within your Genesys Cloud CX contact center. By seamlessly integrating into the Genesys Cloud UI and offering an array of powerful features such as advanced search capabilities, comprehensive status display, and validation for requests, Slidy GDPR empowers your organization to navigate the complex landscape of data privacy regulations confidently. Elevate your data protection practices and ensure compliance with ease using Slidy GDPR.

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