Transform Contact Center Routing Dynamics: Slidy Routing Manager Empowering Business Users to Optimize Contact Center Efficiency!

Slidy Routing Manager is available on Genesys AppFoundry

Slidy Routing Manager - Supercharge Your Routing Strategies

Slidy Routing Manager is a unique and advanced routing solution designed specifically for Genesys Cloud CX contact centers. With SLIDY Routing Manager, you can easily configure and deploy complex routing rules within your Genesys Cloud organization, empowering your business users with real-time, dynamic, and secure self-service capabilities to efficiently manage and control interaction routing. Say goodbye to system complexity and lengthy development cycles, as SLIDY Routing Manager simplifies the process while offering extended feature sets to enhance your routing strategies. Let's explore the powerful capabilities of SLIDY Routing Manager, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your Genesys Cloud contact center with ease:

  • Select and evaluate schedule groups and schedules configured in Genesys Cloud.
  • Define targets based on Genesys Cloud objects, allowing precise routing strategies.
  • Utilize input variables from your IVR or bot flows to drive custom routing rules.
  • Set configurable output variables for seamless screen pop functionality.
  • Connect existing IVRs and bot flows to routing profiles with distribution and queuing logic.
  • Offer standard in-queue logic such as callbacks or voicemail based on EWT.
  • Build conditional composite rules based on input parameters or schedule data.
  • Configure target distribution and implement overflow or percentage distribution.
  • Manage callbacks based on configurable timeslots with callback quota.
  • Build and manage simple DTMF IVRs without manipulating the Architect tool
  • Control user access to all routing profiles.
  • Enjoy full audit trail features for tracking detailed changes.
  • Benefit from rollback capability for all performed changes.
  • Leverage import and export features for seamless deployment.

SLIDY Routing Manager empowers your contact center with unparalleled routing capabilities, giving you the flexibility and control to optimize your customer interactions. Experience the efficiency, simplicity, and advanced features of SLIDY Routing Manager to elevate your Genesys Cloud CX contact center to new heights of success.

Typical process (without Routing manager)

Optimized process (with Routing Manager)

Integrate your existing architect flows and transfer interactions to Slidy Routing Profiles

Build DTMF IVRs through Slidy Routing Manager and target Slidy Routing Profiles

Unlock Rapid IVR Transformation: Empower Business Users to Effortlessly Create and Launch Visual DTMF IVRs!

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