In traditional contact centers, adherence has always been a target for agents and a measure of their performance. However, in Genesys Cloud, agents are not given access to their historical adherence data or exception history. This lack of visibility may make it difficult for agents to manage their own adherence, but with the WEM Optimizer mobile app, agents can take control of their performance metrics.

Some people argue that punctuality is enough of a metric for agents to focus on, but this doesn’t always provide the best insights into an agent’s performance. Starting a scheduled activity too early or too late can impact an agent’s score equally, and agents who start a few minutes early should be rewarded for their proactive approach.

Having visibility over intraday and historical adherence data, including exceptions, is essential for efficient contact center operations. This visibility should not be limited to managers only, but should be accessible to agents as well.

With WEM Optimizer, agents can access their real-time and historical adherence data through an easy-to-read chart that shows trends over preset or custom data ranges. Additionally, agents can quickly check their average adherence and conformance metrics.

WEM Optimizer also gives every user full access to exception details. Agents can select any day to view total exceptions and see the exact details that triggered them. The full exception history is also available in a chart that shows trends over configurable date periods.

When agents have access to their performance metrics and adherence details at any time and for any period, they can strive for self-improvement. With WEM Optimizer, agents are empowered to manage themselves and track their own adherence, knowing that they have the same transparent visibility as their managers over these performance metrics.

In summary, the WEM Optimizer mobile app provides extended visibility to agents, empowering them to take control of their performance metrics and adherence data. With this level of transparency, agents can make more informed decisions about their work and strive for self-improvement.